Residential Pest Control Services

Bug The Bugs’ residential pest control services and treatment programs include: No Contract, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and One-Time Service. It covers spiders, ants, silverfish and roaches.

We also provide rodent control for customers by request.

All of our pest control management treatment services include a free termite inspection.

Bug The Bugs offers on-going protection, we protect your home and family with our licensed technicians by using ODORLESS products that are applied with modern effective equipment. Bug The Bugs Pest Control Service’s material used in the living area of your home meet or exceed state and local regulatory requirements.

Regardless of how clean or new your home is, did you know ANY home can have pests? Even in the finest of homes unwelcome pests are always ready to move in and become a major issue if not treated.

Residential Pest Control Features:

Free Inspections: We will fully inspect your residence for any type of pests that are within the realms of structural pest control, including termites.

We provide customized service to match your needs whether your problem is rodents, roaches, ants, or anything else.

Free Courtesy Calls: We will come back as many times as necessary within your service period, at no additional charge to you, should the pest problem persist.

Choose your package: There are multiple packages to choose from; Monthly Services (12 Regular Services per year), Bi-Monthly Services (6 Regular Services per year), and Quarterly Services (4 Regular Services per year).

One Time Service carries a full thirty day guarantee for the pest covered by the special service agreement.