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We at BugtheBugs are a customer-focused, professional pest control company. We offer both the personal touch and flexibility of a locally-owned business, as well as the experience and resources of a large company. Here are a few reasons why we are the best Pest Control solution in Southwest Florida.

Government Licensed & Fully Insured

Schedules That are Convenient for You

Inspections using Fiber Optic & Infrared Technology

Environmentally Friendly Techniques

Free Estimates

Written Guarantee

State Certified With Over 10 Years Experience

WSIB Insured

Customized, Individual Service

Our Services

We offer pest control care plans for homes, businesses and condominiums for rats, mice, roaches, fleas, bed bugs, bees, and all types of pest control and extermination services. Bug the Bugs aims to get rid of your pests for good and offers customized programs, including quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly programs. Contact us for a free estimate

Bug The Bugs’ residential pest control services and treatment programs include: No Contract, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and One-Time Service. It covers spiders, ants, silverfish and roaches.

We also provide rodent control for customers by request.

All of our pest control management treatment services include a free termite inspection.

Bug The Bugs offers on-going protection, we protect your home and family with our licensed technicians by using ODORLESS products that are applied with modern effective equipment. Bug The Bugs Pest Control Service’s material used in the living area of your home meet or exceed state and local regulatory requirements.

Regardless of how clean or new your home is, did you know ANY home can have pests? Even in the finest of homes unwelcome pests are always ready to move in and become a major issue if not treated.

Residential Pest Control Features:

Free Inspections: We will fully inspect your residence for any type of pests that are within the realms of structural pest control, including termites.

We provide customized service to match your needs whether your problem is rodents, roaches, ants, or anything else.

Free Courtesy Calls: We will come back as many times as necessary within your service period, at no additional charge to you, should the pest problem persist.

Choose your package: There are multiple packages to choose from; Monthly Services (12 Regular Services per year), Bi-Monthly Services (6 Regular Services per year), and Quarterly Services (4 Regular Services per year).

One Time Service carries a full thirty day guarantee for the pest covered by the special service agreement.

Whether its Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites, Ants, Bed Bugs and Bees, Bug the Bugs’ Pest Management Commercial Pest Control Service can take care of your needs. We take great pride in providing speedy, reliable, thorough inspections and high quality value services. Bug the Bugs’ is licensed and certified by the State of Florida, which guarantees the highest level of professional competence.

Commercial pest control management programs are custom-made to your company’s needs. We know that in today’s world a pest problem could mean a big loss of business. We are local Commercial Pest Control Services Fort Myers and we will make sure to solve local pest problems correctly.

Bug the bugs Lawn Care is a customized year round program designed to take the guesswork out of fertilization, weed and insect control and provide protection against plant and grass damaging fungus and disease. BTB’s service starts with a comprehensive Lawn Analysis that allows us to identify current problems affecting the overall health and appearance of your lawn. We identify the zones of your lawn most susceptible to insect activity, weed intrusion and additional areas of concern. Special care is taken to audit your current maintenance approach and provide tips for maintenance based on the type of grass you have. Our Lawn Analysis

  • Grass Type
  • Thatch
  • Mowing
  • Watering
  • Shade
  • Nutrition
  • Weeds
  • Diseases
  • Insects
  • Ornamental
  • Citrus
  • Palms

BTB Lawn services, Your Escape from an Ordinary Lawn

BTB Lawn services provides our customers with specialty services designed to address their specific concerns.

Whether you are building a new home and want to take preventative measures against termite attacks, or you currently have a termite problem in your home, Bug The Bugs’ can help. The termite treatments we use are the professional’s solution – we’ll gage your property and discuss termite treatment options to protect your home.

Termite Treatments that we offer:

  • Termite inspections
  • Subterranean and Drywood Termite Treatments.
  • Baiting Monitor Systems

Benefits of Using Termite Stations:

  • Easy to Live With
  • With small termite stations placed discreetly around your home Bug the Bugs’ Termite Colony Elimination System is less of a hassle compared to the traditional liquid chemical treatments that are used. This means:
  • No drilling in floors and foundations
  • No tank trucks of chemical solution
  • No digging or trenching
  • No chemical solution injected in the ground under and around a home
  • No scheduling hassles

Environmentally Responsible

  • Bug the Bugs’ Pest Management termite treatments are developed with a green mentality.
  • The active ingredient in the termite station is targeted precisely at the molting process that is in the termite’s life cycle, which is a process that is not present in mammals.
  • This termite bait is tactically placed in only when and where it’s needed. Doing this minimizes the amount of active ingredient in the environment.

Call us if you’re in Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Captiva or anywhere in Southwest Flordia for your FREE estimate today!

The following are some of the special pest control services that we provide:

  • Rodent Exclusion
  • Fleas and Ticks Control
  • Bed Bugs
  • Snake Repellent Application
  • Carpenter Bees Elimination
  • Snail and Slug Bait Application
  • Bees and Yellow Jacket Hive Removal
  • Bat Exclusion
  • Bird Exclusion

About Bug the Bugs

BugTheBugs LLC was founded by Elmer Navarro in 2016.  Licensed and state certified in all 4 categories of Pest Control.  These are:

  •  General household Pest and rodent Control
  • Termite and Other WDO Control
  • Lawn and Ornamental
  • Fumigation.

Certification #JF172164

This means that, unlike some other companies, we are able to provide complete pest control services to customers in Southwest Florida. 

Elmer’s career at Truly Nolen 2005 -2016

Elmer worked at Truly Nolen from 2005 to 2016. As a result, he has a solid foundation in the Pest Control industry. While working as a pest control technician at Truly Nolen , Elmer received the president’s club honoree 6 years in a row for being the best Commercial Technician.

This wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated by Elmer is reflected in BugTheBugs. That’s why you can see these traits of responsibility and dependability across his company and technicians.

Why choose BugTheBugs?

Our priority is your complete satisfaction. That is why each of our clients receives a tailored service. BugTheBugs has the experience, tools, and resources of a large company plus the passion of a locally owned company.

Areas we cover in Fl

  • Fort Myers
  • Bonita Springs
  • Naples
  • Cape Coral
  • Punta Gorda
  • Port Charlotte
  • Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

Our goal is your satisfaction. As a result, you will experience our professional services and benefit from long term results.

Call BugTheBugs today for a free inspection and estimate, or fill out our online form

About the Pests

BugTheBugs will attack and eliminate targeted pests. Proper pest identification and knowledge of their biology and habits is crucial to their extermination. Randomly applying retail products yourself without correctly identifying pests or understanding their habits, may lead to a much bigger pest problem which may cost you more in the long run. BugTheBugs will not only protect your home from pests, but will also save you frustration and money.

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