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Never have I been as impressed as I have been with Bug the Bugs! Elmer is a GEM and became very apparent from the very start of our first conversation. Not only is he an expert in his field, his personality coupled with service excellence is second to none! We have had severe issues at our home upon which within a simple call he was on the job. He’s offered resolutions that I am confident other companies wouldn’t to add around our home. Unfortunately for him, the service has been so superior to others that he doesn’t have to come around as often…fantastic for us as we have peace of mind around the clock year round! He anticipates the needs by understanding all of the little critters and know we are in great hands!

Thank you to Bug the Bugs!

Cara Pannetti
Home owner

All I can say is THANK YOU! Elmer the gem did a fantastic job treating my appartment in the professional way possible..mostly important he used organic pesticides so couldn’t affect my pets. That was great to hear. I will always call bug the bugs for any problem i may have! I had a great experience with their service! Thank you so much for have solving my problem.


Great service!! I had an issue with German roaches inside my house, and both cars. Thank’s to company owner Elmer in which is highly trained, and experienced in dealing with this type of horrible pest situation. I was able to get great results. In just 3months no more roaches. Thank’s to Bug The Bug for your great service. I highly recommend this company if you want to achieve great results!

Yuset G

Elmer and his team are fantastic. Thank you for taking care of my pest problems!! I highly recommend Bug the Bugs.


I am a resident of Sanibel where pest issues are a part of life. I had a severe pest problem that Elmer quickly eliminated. He followed behind two other pest companies that were unable to help me. His knowledge and professional service is far better than anyone else I have dealt with here. He is also extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with. I cannot say enough good things about him. My pest headaches are gone. He runs the best pest control company in the area!

Michele Weintraub

I am truly amazed on how professional and efficient this company is. I’ve used them for two years and couldn’t be happier

Robert keller

Just wanted to say I am totally pleased with the work Miguel and Bug the Bugs has done for me. Every time I call him he is polite and courteous. My yard was slowly turning brown and I know I needed help. I talked to a neighbor and he led me to Miguel. He diagnosed the problems in our grass and over the last few months my yard has gotten better and better. He also does pest control, inside and out. Have not needed it so far but I am sure he would do the same quality job for me as he did for the grass. His phone number is 239-472-2270. His prices are more than fair. Give him a try and I am sure you too will be happy.

Richard Staeb

We recommend Elmer to all of our customers. He knows how to treat his customers. Elmer is very personable and always shows up with a smile on his face. If you need same day service he will make it happen. Always on time. He never leaves a mess. He can take care of all your pest needs. From Sugar ants to Rats. Elmer has the cure.

We have been calling them for several years and have always been treated great. Extremely responsive and always professional, the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Frank weatherstein
Kingfisher Vacations

The service provided by Miguel is superb. He is diligent and knowledgeable. His dependable approach to our nearly half acre lawn is commendable. Since he has taken over our lawn application needs, it has become green and gorgeous. We are literally pest free. In the three years that we have owned this home, the lawn has never looked better. Miguel is the man for your lawn and foliage plan and Bug the Bugs is an excellent, time on task company. I highly recommend Bug the Bugs and Miguel for all your pest and lawn application needs.

Richard J Bartell

Bug the Bugs,
We live in the SW Cape and my Tech is Miguel. He meets with us and always ask if we have any issues. If we do he will explain the cause and he applies the correct procedure. He greets us with a smile, concern and professionalism. 2nd to none and it shows in my green lawn and beautiful Palms and flower.

Robert Kent

Required Field